weekend in la

harlow and i made a quick trip to LA this weekend. the rain stopped and it was sunny and blue. thank goodness.

i went to the temple on saturday.

and harlow almost got us kicked out of our room… but i snuck her back in! she was as good as gold but i was nervous that we’d get kicked out so i didn’t get much sleep.
(and fyi the front desk said it was okay to bring her but the security guard said she wasn’t allowed…ugh!)

i took my new (to me) pentax camera i got from jen out for a little bit. we’ll see how it turns out when i finish the roll of film.

and then we hit up the oh.ban.fest yard sale. hot dang i scored some great things and got to meet bri, jen, joy, paige, em, jasmine and i’m probably forgetting some other blog/twitter friends. SO fun! it was also pretty funny introducing myself as “joiebutter”… make sure you pick a blog/twitter name you like!

harlow loves her new bed from bri… she loves it! and i took home a few of these ladies from jen.

then we headed home to watch the oscar’s and visit with my cousin who was in town. i’m ready to head back to la now!


3 thoughts on “weekend in la

  1. that lil toy your pup is cuddling with is so cute!
    I was in LA this weekend too :)

    Sounds like you had alot of fun, i really like the picture of the car w/ the ballon.

    Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

    <3 Gina

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