an ordinary weekend

this weekend i’m going to be doing very ordinary things:
getting that stack of prints off the floor and on the wall

unearthing my neglected camera

finalizing my fall capsule wardrobe

sorting through piles of old magazines

painting my nails
pulling some weeds
rearranging my bookshelves
squeezing in a nap

cleaning out my fridge

totally thrilling. i’m actually looking forward to this list. my approach will be very “zen and the art of…” post boring blog post ever? maybe!

what about you?

photo by annabellp on flickr

a thank you and a weekend wrap up

you guys. i don’t know what to say. thank you so much for the kind, supportive, encouraging words. thank you doesn’t seem like enough. 
when i was writing that post i was preparing myself for the worst – for people to be critical, judgmental, annoyed, weird and i don’t know what else. i did not prepare myself for the outpouring of kindness and compassion that came. thank you. each comment, tweet, email, and text was like a healing balm to my soul. 
i know not everything will change at once and that there will still be hard days and sleepless nights but letting go of that feels like a big step in the right direction. so thank you again. thank you for giving me hope, for helping me breathe a little easier and for just being here. 
and now some happy things.

my friend and i saw despicable me 2 and it was so funny and sweet.

this also made me smile. i’m a sucker for a flash mob.

i like dustin hoffman a little bit more.

boston bombing survivor recovers like a super hero.

have a wonderful, safe weekend! harlow is having a sleep over all weekend. she’s super excited!

this awesome “defaced” polaroid is by the one and only jen gotch

instagram photos from the weekend

polaroids of erin and me off to see dolly parton on friday at the hollywood bowl. then some yummy watermelon pinkberry on saturday.

oh dolly. she’s amazing! if you don’t love dolly i’m not sure we can be friends. she’s such a talented, funny, amazing woman. it was such a great concert.

i picked up some cupcakes from enjoy cupcakes. sprinkles doesn’t hold a candle to amber’s amazing creations. my favorite was the strawberry cucumber mint chardonnay. heaven.

but of course we stopped at sprinkles anyway and erin bought harlow her very first cupcake. and poor harlow waited patiently for me to snap a photo before she got to dive in. such a good girl!

now i need a serious detox to come down from the sugar high. except my fridge is full of cupcakes. thanks erin for a fun weekend! xo

have a wonderful weekend


i took this photo with my iphone last spring while riding the coast starlight express up the california coast. it was my first train ride since moving back from the uk.

whatever you’re doing this weekend i hope it’s fun. and i hope you’re staying away from the crazy la traffic. if i never hear the word “carmageddon” again it will be too soon.

see you monday!


hey look… i found my blog.

this weekend i’ll be celebrating my birthday, rewatching the royal wedding, and doing some spring cleaning and maybe some spring shopping.

i hope you’re all doing something fun too.

photo by roman lysenko

weekend in la

harlow and i made a quick trip to LA this weekend. the rain stopped and it was sunny and blue. thank goodness.

i went to the temple on saturday.

and harlow almost got us kicked out of our room… but i snuck her back in! she was as good as gold but i was nervous that we’d get kicked out so i didn’t get much sleep.
(and fyi the front desk said it was okay to bring her but the security guard said she wasn’t allowed…ugh!)

i took my new (to me) pentax camera i got from jen out for a little bit. we’ll see how it turns out when i finish the roll of film.

and then we hit up the oh.ban.fest yard sale. hot dang i scored some great things and got to meet bri, jen, joy, paige, em, jasmine and i’m probably forgetting some other blog/twitter friends. SO fun! it was also pretty funny introducing myself as “joiebutter”… make sure you pick a blog/twitter name you like!

harlow loves her new bed from bri… she loves it! and i took home a few of these ladies from jen.

then we headed home to watch the oscar’s and visit with my cousin who was in town. i’m ready to head back to la now!