instagram photos from the weekend

polaroids of erin and me off to see dolly parton on friday at the hollywood bowl. then some yummy watermelon pinkberry on saturday.

oh dolly. she’s amazing! if you don’t love dolly i’m not sure we can be friends. she’s such a talented, funny, amazing woman. it was such a great concert.

i picked up some cupcakes from enjoy cupcakes. sprinkles doesn’t hold a candle to amber’s amazing creations. my favorite was the strawberry cucumber mint chardonnay. heaven.

but of course we stopped at sprinkles anyway and erin bought harlow her very first cupcake. and poor harlow waited patiently for me to snap a photo before she got to dive in. such a good girl!

now i need a serious detox to come down from the sugar high. except my fridge is full of cupcakes. thanks erin for a fun weekend! xo


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