five things


not long ago i read on meg’s blog that everyday you should do five things you don’t want to do and you should do them before noon.

today that included: getting out of bed, washing my hair, and making an appointment to talk to a therapist. yikes. i know that’s only three things but i promise it felt like five.

here are five songs for your weekend:

please, please, please
always love
here comes the sun
here comes a regular


2 thoughts on “five things

  1. I made an appointment with a therapist back in May. I was nervous and scared and thought, in many ways, that I was going to be deemed a fraud. Nothing big had changed in my life or caused me to feel the deep, deep anxiety I experience. Now those weekly meetings where all I do is talk–and she respond, reflectively–are highlights. I look upon them as a type of education, in a way. To learn and understand myself that I probably wouldn't otherwise devote the time to doing–I would, instead, shut it out.

    I think the most important thing when seeking any kind of therapy is that you find a therapist who understands and who doesn't let those first time nerves become every time nerves. It just so happened that that happened with

    It is no quick fix and I can't wholeheartedly say I always, always see it as a help. Sometimes I feel that my bouts of anxiety are worse than before–that improvement or relief is a fairly illusive thing. I don't know what you are going through, personally, but I wholeheartedly send you my wishes. I hope you get something from it, as a process–and I hope the sun begins to shine again soon. xx

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