less is more… right?

i’ve been talking about moving for way too long and for one reason or another i’m still here. but that is a whole different post.

anyway, as i’ve started going through my stuff i’ve become overwhelmed about the amount of “stuff” i have. i desperately want to downsize.

i want my possesions to be few and meaningful.

i know i should toss the old hoodie that used to belong to a certain boy. i know i probably don’t need to keep all of my old birthday cards or all of my train tickets from when i moved to wales. i know there are certain items of clothing or shoes that haven’t been worn in months that can go. but i need help. that sounds crazy but when i get into “downsizing” mode i sort of get that deer-in-the-headlights look and panic. i also fear getting rid of too much and then replacing it all. not good.

so how do you decide what to keep and what to toss? do you have a system?

please help.


the deer in the headlights

photo by elaine h


5 thoughts on “less is more… right?

  1. I found you through Mormon in Manhattan. The most recent compliment given me was from a sister in my ward after I was sustained as Relief Society president. She said,”I'm so excited you are the Relief society President.” I asked her why she thought that. She replied,”You will be like a Pres. Monson of Relief society presidents. You have a way of reaching out to everyone. You are just so nice to everyone, you want to make them feel included.” I was floored,and it almost brought me to tears.

  2. We JUST finished our spring cleaning and purged the house of so much stuff. We made almost 500 bucks at our garage sale and it felt SO GOOD to see all that junk leave. It was hard at first to sort through everything cause I tie emotions to everything, but the purge felt great.

    That picture is so fun and interesting!

    Good luck and I will definitely be back to your cute blog :)

  3. i'm like you. i think that stuff like birthday cards and old train tickets you HAVE to keep. it has memories in them that are hard to get rid of. so what i do is i get a big box that i put these kind of mementos in. as for purging, i recently went through a huge clothing, jewelry, and makeup purge. for clothing and jewelry, if i hadn't worn it recently or it didn't fit right, i gave it away. for makeup and lotions, etc, if i couldn't remember when i bought it, away it went. it felt so good to get rid of stuff and while it might have been hard to get rid of a shirt that i went on a first date with a certain boy on, i don't regret it at all.

  4. We are most definitely on the same page. I am the queen of downsize. So much so that I'm giving my possessions away on my blog each week. It's very liberating.

    Good luck with your downsizing!

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