how to talk to little girls (and big ones too)

i loved this article in the huffington post.

when i read it i thought of my friends mom. i remember writing in my journal once that she gave the “weird compliments” because they were different than “your hair looks so cute” or “i love your shoes” (don’t get me wrong, those are nice to hear too) but she’d always say things like, “i love the way you’re always so willing to help” or “i love that you always smile and make eye contact when you talk to people” but they did make me feel good. and i remember them.

once in high school drew told said, “you’re so nice vanessa. one day people will write songs about you.”

best compliment ever.

what’s the best compliment you’ve received that wasn’t about something physical/superficial?

note:. i didn’t mean to sound all braggy… no one’s writing songs about me ;)

gorgeous photo by matt aka futureancient


One thought on “how to talk to little girls (and big ones too)

  1. my favorite compliment was when a friend told me i have a kind heart. i've never forgotten that! he just threw it out casually, like it was common knowledge, and went on with the conversation. also…i'm loving your comment guidelines where it says “this means you, anonymous”! those nasty anonymous haters will really get under your skin. oooh if i didn't have a kind heart i'd say some choice things about some of my own anonymous visitors…haha

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