little letters


dear sunny day,
welcome back.

dear harlow honey child,
sorry you’re so itchy. you’re my favorite.

dear paul mitchell lavender mint shampoo,
you are my second favorite.

dear watermelon and peaches and blueberries,
you make breakfast so delicious.

dear twitter,
i don’t know what i did all day at work before you.

dear new apartment,
i know you’re out there somewhere.

dear paris,
see you in october… maybeeeee!

dear bloggers friends,
you’re the best.

polaroid week


i’ve really missed taking photos with something besides my iphone. since “roid week” started today last night i grabbed these two and headed out for a long walk. it felt so good. the next time i get stressed will someone please remind me to take a little time to do what makes me happy? kneeling on the grass by the river with harlow by my side i was happy just to be still and quiet for a minute and hold this one precious film in my hand and watch its magic.

you should check out all of the entries here. there’s lots of magic going on this week.

how to talk to little girls (and big ones too)

i loved this article in the huffington post.

when i read it i thought of my friends mom. i remember writing in my journal once that she gave the “weird compliments” because they were different than “your hair looks so cute” or “i love your shoes” (don’t get me wrong, those are nice to hear too) but she’d always say things like, “i love the way you’re always so willing to help” or “i love that you always smile and make eye contact when you talk to people” but they did make me feel good. and i remember them.

once in high school drew told said, “you’re so nice vanessa. one day people will write songs about you.”

best compliment ever.

what’s the best compliment you’ve received that wasn’t about something physical/superficial?

note:. i didn’t mean to sound all braggy… no one’s writing songs about me ;)

gorgeous photo by matt aka futureancient