fruits of summer

in a perfect world i’d live somewhere with fall weather and summer fruit. not that i’m complaining. california’s not so bad.

earlier this week i bought an enormous watermelon and it made me ridiculously happy. it must have been a really long time since i’ve had a watermelon because i don’t remember them being so perfectly sweet and wonderful. and surprisingly (to me at least) there are lots of ways to enjoy it:

bonnie mentioned eating it with a little basil sprinkled on top (as pictured above), i’ve also had it with a few fresh mint leaves, jasmine makes a mean watermelon salad, i remember when i was little my dad and i would eat it with a little sea salt sprinkled on top and of course plain and sweet is always a favorite.

watermelon, you can do no wrong.

are there any fruits you look forward to in the summer?

photo credit: shoko and bonnie tsang


2 thoughts on “fruits of summer

  1. melons are the best. my favorite is eating half a cantaloupe with a spoon out of a bowl. so juicy and sweet!

    and i so agree about the fall weather and summer fruit!

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