how to eat toast

being single (and let’s be honest, a little lazy) i’m always looking for easy, tasty recipes. when i came across how to eat toast for dinner i couldn’t resist. the first year i lived in wales and later london i didn’t know how to cook a thing and was too nervous to try what i affectionately called the “fish head stew” that my host family loved. so for almost an entire year i rotated butter, beans, cheese, jam, and marmite on toast. 
while these toasty meals are much more appealing cheese toast will always be a favorite. 
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fruits of summer

in a perfect world i’d live somewhere with fall weather and summer fruit. not that i’m complaining. california’s not so bad.

earlier this week i bought an enormous watermelon and it made me ridiculously happy. it must have been a really long time since i’ve had a watermelon because i don’t remember them being so perfectly sweet and wonderful. and surprisingly (to me at least) there are lots of ways to enjoy it:

bonnie mentioned eating it with a little basil sprinkled on top (as pictured above), i’ve also had it with a few fresh mint leaves, jasmine makes a mean watermelon salad, i remember when i was little my dad and i would eat it with a little sea salt sprinkled on top and of course plain and sweet is always a favorite.

watermelon, you can do no wrong.

are there any fruits you look forward to in the summer?

photo credit: shoko and bonnie tsang

11 days + a magical salad

It’s been 11 days since I’ve had ANY sugar. I repeat… ELEVEN DAYS. NO SUGAR. I fluctuate between feeling really great about myself and wanting to kill someone.

But it’s not just sugar that I’ve given up. It’s bread, cheese AND fruit. Now before you tell me I’m crazy (which is okay, since I sort of agree) this is not a permanent change. It’s just sort of a detox thing for me to get back to feeling good about my health, weight, etc.

So what am I eating? Well it’s mostly special bars, shakes, soups, plus one “lean and green” meal per day. So yes, I AM eating. Since I’m not a great cook and am not very imaginative I’ve been mostly doing salads with either chicken or tuna. And yes, that does get boring even after 11 days so I’m looking for new recipes that will be healthy and delicious so I can stick with this for a few months.

This is what I really wanted to tell you about: my new favorite, magical salad. Yes, I said magical. It’s that good. First, when it comes to salad making I’m kinda boring: lettuce or spinach, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, celery… See? Boring. But then the other day I had this salad and OH MY GOSH.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The ingredients are: spinach, carrots (which I didn’t eat bc they’re too starchy), roasted bell peppers (my new favorite thing), roasted onions, grilled and marinated artichoke hearts, sliced beats, a few sliced black olives and a piece of grilled mahi mahi (or chicken). It’s so good I want to marry it. YUM!

If you have any favorite healthy recipes you’d like to share I’d love to hear them.