a little paris

i’ve been waiting for friday all week long. for some reason i haven’t been sleeping well and 5 am comes awfully early. a mellow weekend is on the agenda for sure. since i’ve got france on the brain (nothing new) here’s a french inspired wrap up for you.

i love polaroids and paris and polaroids of paris. like the one above. it’s by jen. i love everything jen does.

elizabeth put together another playlist. she makes the best playlists. this one is inspired by her time in the south of france.

(that husband of hers makes some pretty awesome mixes too.)

yummy s’mores with a french twist

lindsey’s favorite secret spots of paris

i am loving anne’s tour de france series.

i thought this post paris fashion: staying chic in the rain might come in handy for october.

and it reminded me of my friend emily’s post about the beautiful umbrella she got in paris for her birthday.

i want to have a picnic with jordan – she’s an expert at them.

after reading this post i’m dreaming of finding a charming “french” bicycle to bring home with me. i know… i’m probably getting carried away.

and ps – yesterday i spoke to my dear friend natalia, who was my best friend while we were both nannies in london six years ago. she lives in berlin and i’m trying to figure out if i can maybe stay in europe a few days longer and pop over to germany… or maybe meet in paris?? i’d love to see her so keep your fingers crossed.

polaroid by jen gotch

happy friday

Did the rest of you freak out about your new astrological sign?

LOVING this striped mini cooper.

And if I were shopping I’d be very tempted by this luggage.

Pretty stationary.

Pretty fabric accesories.

The story about the Southwest Airlines pilot still makes me tear up.

I want everything in this post

I plan on ordering lots of Suann’s Valentine goodies.

And one of these days I’m going to make kimchi. YUM.

In the meantime I’m going to make Camilla’s hummus recipe.

Okay, have a great weekend. I’m going to try to enjoy some sunshine and finish my taxes. But the sunshine may win.

What are you doing this weekend? xo

photo: emily mcgregor

hello weekend

“It was one of those winter days that suddenly dream of spring, when the sky is blue and soft and clear, and the wind has dropped its voice and whispers instead of screaming, and the sun is out and the trees look surprised, and over everything there is the faintest, palest tint of green.”
Shirley Jackson

I love reading Natalie’s recaps of The Bachelor. Hilarious.

The Pee-Without-Noise Stool

These are the prettiest potholes you ever did see.

Marc Jacobs 2010 has great colors.

Cori’s shop is full of vintage goodness.

Sort of loving side braids

A peek inside Rachel Zoe’s makeup bag

Bacon Cheese Turtle Burger

Red velvet whoopie pies

Do you want to Enjoy Cupcakes with me in Los Olivos?

How to Really Love a Child

And finally….

Who is the cutest??

photo credit

Have a lovely weekend

There’s a lot of sad stuff going on in the world, so here is some very happy stuff:

Pretty cases to dress up your iPhone

My friend Sarah’s baby has the sweetest giggle!

This dance sequence from 500 Days of Summer makes me smile.

I’m not waiting for summer to make these homemade icecream drumsticks

A very silly kitten.

You can make customized chocolate bars customized chocolate bars- I wonder if they have mint and lavender? Candied rose petals and toffee sounds good too.

Still in love with this print.

Mini grilled cheeses w/ a shot of warm tomato soup is pretty much the best party idea ever.

I sort of really want this jacket… It’s cute, right?

Don’t you love these ads for Chloe Spring/Summer? I do.

Okay, I’m out. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

And this Balaclava