hello weekend

“It was one of those winter days that suddenly dream of spring, when the sky is blue and soft and clear, and the wind has dropped its voice and whispers instead of screaming, and the sun is out and the trees look surprised, and over everything there is the faintest, palest tint of green.”
Shirley Jackson

I love reading Natalie’s recaps of The Bachelor. Hilarious.

The Pee-Without-Noise Stool

These are the prettiest potholes you ever did see.

Marc Jacobs 2010 has great colors.

Cori’s shop is full of vintage goodness.

Sort of loving side braids

A peek inside Rachel Zoe’s makeup bag

Bacon Cheese Turtle Burger

Red velvet whoopie pies

Do you want to Enjoy Cupcakes with me in Los Olivos?

How to Really Love a Child

And finally….

Who is the cutest??

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