Have a lovely weekend

There’s a lot of sad stuff going on in the world, so here is some very happy stuff:

Pretty cases to dress up your iPhone

My friend Sarah’s baby has the sweetest giggle!

This dance sequence from 500 Days of Summer makes me smile.

I’m not waiting for summer to make these homemade icecream drumsticks

A very silly kitten.

You can make customized chocolate bars customized chocolate bars- I wonder if they have mint and lavender? Candied rose petals and toffee sounds good too.

Still in love with this print.

Mini grilled cheeses w/ a shot of warm tomato soup is pretty much the best party idea ever.

I sort of really want this jacket… It’s cute, right?

Don’t you love these ads for Chloe Spring/Summer? I do.

Okay, I’m out. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

And this Balaclava


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