a little paris

i’ve been waiting for friday all week long. for some reason i haven’t been sleeping well and 5 am comes awfully early. a mellow weekend is on the agenda for sure. since i’ve got france on the brain (nothing new) here’s a french inspired wrap up for you.

i love polaroids and paris and polaroids of paris. like the one above. it’s by jen. i love everything jen does.

elizabeth put together another playlist. she makes the best playlists. this one is inspired by her time in the south of france.

(that husband of hers makes some pretty awesome mixes too.)

yummy s’mores with a french twist

lindsey’s favorite secret spots of paris

i am loving anne’s tour de france series.

i thought this post paris fashion: staying chic in the rain might come in handy for october.

and it reminded me of my friend emily’s post about the beautiful umbrella she got in paris for her birthday.

i want to have a picnic with jordan – she’s an expert at them.

after reading this post i’m dreaming of finding a charming “french” bicycle to bring home with me. i know… i’m probably getting carried away.

and ps – yesterday i spoke to my dear friend natalia, who was my best friend while we were both nannies in london six years ago. she lives in berlin and i’m trying to figure out if i can maybe stay in europe a few days longer and pop over to germany… or maybe meet in paris?? i’d love to see her so keep your fingers crossed.

polaroid by jen gotch

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