summer playlist

for the last nine months or so (since i’ve been in my little house) i haven’t had any internet or television other than my phone. let’s just say it’s been interesting. i didn’t miss having a tv and my house really is too small for one (really, it’s tiny) but i sort of felt cut off a little bit. anway… i’ve been listening to a lot of music. it’s been fun to go through old playlists on my ipod and dig up old cd’s and the flash dance’s monthly playlists are always good. always. 
utah has been crazy hot this summer but i live for utah summer nights – warm and breezy and balmy. my friend alyson gifted me her hammock and my favorite thing to do is sit out there with harlow listening to music. 
here are a few of my favorite summer songs. enjoy!
photo by lynn_0517

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