life lately

this is not a christmas post. sorry. there has been a lot going on over the last few months that has not be pleasant or happy or sunshine-y. i don’t want to weigh my blog down with sad posts but pretending everything is perfect doesn’t seem right either. so read if you want, or pass and hopefully i’ll have a sunshine post soon. i really hope i do.

a few months ago i had to deal with something that was very scary and painful and life threatening. i’m still dealing with it. maybe i’m not handling it as well as i should be. i don’t know. well probably. i should be braver, stronger, more grateful, etc.

i went to talk to someone about what was going on and they referred me to someone else. i talked to the second person. they referred me to talk to someone else. i talked to the third person… which was a disaster. opening up to three complete strangers (and then being “sent away”) was humiliating and difficult to say the least. the thought of trying again with a fourth person, well, feels too overwhelming. but unfortunately, probably necessary. but for now i’m left feeling incredibly frustrated.

during this time my family sort of well, imploded. there’s a lot of hurt and anger between my siblings and my parents. i’m not going to air my family’s dirty laundry on the internet but somehow in the midst of problems that i’m not involved in, i became a target for their combined anger. one thing i’ve learned is that people usually lash out at people that they know will be most likely to forgive them when everything blows over. so i’m counting on it all blowing over and am trying not to give into my own hurt feelings.

i was living alone, which led to a serious lack of sleep and increased anxiety. i’ve always loved sleep and sleep like a log. i had no idea what is was like to just not be able to fall asleep or to fall asleep and wake up multiple times throughout the night. i’ve thought about taking melatonin or looking into other sleep aids but i think deep down i don’t want to sleep. i mean i want to sleep but i feel like i need to be alert and wake. so harlow and i moved in with a friend and her family. it was hard to accept their generous offer but i was so grateful when they showed up at my house, packed me up and moved me in. and i feel so grateful for their kindness and patience. and honestly it’s been a good distraction. (3 kids, two bunnies, 2 geckos, 2 dogs = good distraction).

and christmas. i usually love, love, love christmas. i was singing christmas songs (in my car) back in september. maybe i used up all my christmas cheer prematurely. it will be weird not to spend christmas with my family this year especially since they all live nearby. i love my saviour and love to celebrate his birth and this life. but i’d sort of like to skip the rest.

and to top it all off i’m so frustrated with myself. i want to be happy and shiny and get excited about holiday things and laugh at stupid things. i go between telling myself i’m a whiney, selfish, grinch, baby who just needs to get it together and realizing that i probably should cut myself a little slack and give myself time to grieve and heal.


8 thoughts on “life lately

  1. i had a time in my life when my very mind felt like an alien to me. thoughts and fears that i never knew, became an everyday fight and it was exhausting. hope you feel better, i was in so deep i could hardly imagine feeling normal again, but i came out of it better than ever. xx

  2. Miss Vanessa. You are going through something very hard, trying, and life changing. Don't expect to get over this in months time. I'm sorry about you're family situation. It's too bad really but how lucky are you to have friends who know best and take care of you? And the biggest thing is how lucky are we to know we can rely on the Savior? He felt this pain. And He loves you. I hope this time of year you continue to feel His love and sacrifice for you. You are important in His eyes and He will help you get to that place. Lots of love,

  3. So sorry you have to go through this! You are amazing and I know you'll get back to your cheery self in time. Maybe a trip to London is in order ;) Love you and praying for you!

  4. one thing i've learned is that people usually lash out at people that they know will be most likely to forgive them when everything blows over.

    These are very insightful words, especially considering the pain and upheaval that must still be pretty fresh. It's really good that you're able to find this kind of perspective despite everything else that's going on.

    I'm really happy to hear that you have good people around to lean on. I hope that your Christmas is still special, and that the new year brings lots of healing.

    And sleep.

  5. I've always been impressed by your strength, your testimoney (yes! I've felt it through the smal things you do, even online, so that says a lot, I think) and I just wish for you to take your time in being whatever feelings you need to be for now. I loved the comment that said the savior felt all of this too. He is there for you, and your friends are too.

    I love you!

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