new week’s resolutions

1. Get back to healthier eating habits. Four months after getting back from France I can no longer use the “I’m on vacation” excuse. Rats.

2. De-clutter my closet and keep stuff worth keeping. Stuff that I’ll actually wear. Stuff that fits. Stuff that didn’t once belong to a certain boy. I love Erin’s 30/30/30 project.

3. Remember to say my prayers in the morning. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Maybe because I’m allergic to 4 am?

4. Be patient with Harlow as she’s getting used to her pet carrier. We’re going to Utah baby!

5. Wear lipstick every day this week. It cheers me up. Is that weird?

6. Set aside some time to take some pictures. I haven’t in forever and ever.

7. Since my family is SO grumpy about holidays – I’ll put up my own decorations and I’ll put them up as early as I want. Like Wednesday! (yay!!)

Six resolutions seems good. Wait, that was seven. Whatever. Here’s to a wonderful week!

photo credit: Airfuly


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