sit, stay, but don’t be a heel

As much as I love Harlow she is far from perfect. I mean I don’t love it when she runs inside with muddy little paws and jumps on my bed. I don’t love it when she plays with her food until it’s scattered all over the kitchen floor. I don’t love it when she knocks over my laundry hamper and I catch her rolling around in my whites. I don’t love it when I she chews on things she knows she shouldn’t. I know it’s probably my fault. I should have trained her better. I should use more discipline. Well, that’s probably true but… I love her the way she is – even her not-so-cute habits. So thanks anyway.

She’s getting better every day but I’m not worried – I didn’t want a little robot dog anyway.

And I’m not perfect either.

I have bad days and grumpy days and days when I don’t feel like going for long walks… but she forgives me almost immediately.

She is ready to love everyone and gives affection freely. (sometimes too much… her nickname is “sneak attack open mouth kisser” for a reason)

She won’t trick herself out. Sometimes you ask for a high five you get one. Other times you’ll get a toss of her head and a loud sniff.

She knows that listening will win people’s hearts.

She sticks with the people she trusts.

She’s not easily intimitdated.

She lives in the moment.

I try not to go overboard when talking about Harlow so I don’t driver everyone crazy. Actually if you’re still reading this post I’m impressed. But I can’t help it. I really, really love her. Well a woman I work with called me on Saturday night in tears. I could barely understand what she was saying. Finally I heard “Boomer died” and my heart broke for her. Her and her husband never had kids so this dog was their family and they loved him so much. The saddest part is he was totally fine. We were talking about our dogs that day at work. Then that night he was just walking home from Woody’s, lay down and never got back up.

As you can imagine I spent most of Sunday with Harlow – extra long walks, visits to friends and puppy play dates, extra treats and lots of affection. I know it sounds lame but having a dog has been so good for me. I got her at a time when I really needed something happy in my life and she’s such a joy. We’ve agreed that she will live forever. I love my little pup!

I mean look at this face:

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3 thoughts on “sit, stay, but don’t be a heel

  1. my dog is like my baby… i absolutely love her.
    she always knows when i'm upset and need some cheering up. she's comforting, energetic, and loving.
    i completely understand where you're coming from in talking about Harlow so much!

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