101 in 1,001 {update}


for the new year i decided to check in on my 101 in 1001 list. i’m not going to lie… i haven’t looked at the list much since i made it but didn’t do as bad as i thought. going to europe was a big one that i was happy to cross off and paying off my car… but there’s still a lot more to work on. so far it’s a lot of friends, flowers, travel and perfume…

a little bit about the the 101 in 1001 project:

“the criteria for the 101 things is that the must be specific with a result that is measurable or clearly defined. they should also be things that require a some effort or work on my part. some of the things my list may seem super simple but hopefully they’ll kick off good habits that will stay with me longer than the 1001 days.”

is anyone else participating in the challenge? i’d love to see your list (i’m nosy like that).

i still like the idea of resolutions and i do love making lists so i’ll probably have another post up with more ideas but i like the start i’ve made.

start: 06 january 2016
end: 10 october 2018

for my heart

1. reconnect with my favorite high school teacher. does instagram count? i’m counting it.
2. reconnect with a friend from cardiff/london ysa. i was lucky enough to visit marielle and natalie when i was in england a few months ago. i love them both!
3. journal every day for 2 months
4. create a vision board
5. work/collab/do SOMETHING with chloe
6. attend the ballet. i was lucky enough to see ballet west with the utah symphony.
7. finish drawing of denham green garden
8. have a painting done of harlow

for my soul

9. attend the temple every week for 8 weeks
10. complete 10 days of truth
11. commit 50 scriptures to memory
12. subscribe to ensign magazine
13. read reread all general conference talks from the last three years
14. read scriptures every day for at least 30 days

for my mind

15. learn to play one song on the piano
16. read 50 new books
17. answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
18. complete the 52 lists
19. take a photography class
20. take an online class. i took chelsea’s foral arranging 101. it was so fun to have more flowers in my life. i still need to post pics!
21. take some kind of art class
22. use duolingo every day for at least one month

for those i love

23. mail a care package to my mom, brother and sister
24. send my grandmother flowers for no reason
25. make chat books for my nanny kids
26. bake a birthday cake for someone. i made the magnolia bakery’s red velvet cake for a coworker.
27. get harlow’s shots each year (2016, 2017, 2018)
28. make macarons for someone
29. get harlow’s teeth cleaned
30. make a music playlist for someone

for my blog

31. design (or have designed) a blog logo
23. reach 100k followers on pinterest
33. create a weekly blog series and stick to it for at least 4 months
34. meet 10 blogger friends (that i haven’t already met)
35. interview 6 people for a blog series
36. get business cards for my blog
37. complete a 30 day photo challenge
38. hit 2k followers on twitter
39. combine fb accounts and delete old one. i’m so glad it did!
40. take a blogger/social media workshop or conference. i took bri’s social media workshop and it was so fun & insightful.
41. participate in 6 ‘Roid Weeks
42. blog four recipes

for fun

43. pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru. i did it twice. (once because i accidently cut the guy off and didn’t want to ruin anyone’s day.)
44. visit the ban.do party house
45. attend high school reunion. so i didn’t acutally go but i did reconnect with a bunch of friends on fb. there’s not another one before the list ends so i’m crossing it off.
46. attend or organize some type of mission reunion.
47. make a flower crown
48. build a sandcastle
49. go on a blind date
50. use up a roll of film and get photos printed
51. go to a sporting event
52. go to an outdoor movie
53. start and fill up a sketch book

for a simpler life

54. go one month without eating out
55. produce zero waste for two weeks
56. do 8 zero waste shopping trips
57. go two months without buying any beauty products
58. create a capsule wardrobe
59. unsubscribe from all junk emails
60. clear out and get rid of storage unit
61. go through/clear out items stored at my mom’s house
62. go one month without shopping

for my wandering heart

63. visit a state i’ve never been to
64. visit england and wales. i went back to england and it was so, so good for my heart.
65. visit portugal
66. visit new york
67. take a road trip with a friend.
68. attend paris fashion week
69. spend a day at butterfly beach

for my health

70. get new health insurance
71. compile my own cookbook
72. do a raw diet for one month
73. go to the eye doctor. i did it and got cute new specs.
74. find (and go to) a doctor for a physical
75. run a mile without walking
76. lose (xx) pounds
77. do 20 push-ups every day for one month
78. give up soda for at least two weeks
79. floss every day for at least 30 days
80. go to the dentist
81. take a class at dash fitness
82. find a workout i love and stick to it for at least 3 months

for my wallet

83. pay off my car. huzzah!
84. reach (xxx) credit score

for my tastebuds

85. eat a lobster roll
86. go to magnolia bakery
87. make the perfect lavender mint tea latte
88. make perfect (to me) hummus

for my practical side

89. repair/replace laptop
90. buy a nice bed
91. find a place to rent that I love
92. switch car insurance
93. wake up at 6 am for at least two weeks

for a splurge

94. buy a nice watch. i found a cute daniel wellington watch that i loved.
95. get my car detailed
96. get my eyebrows threaded
97. save up for a new handbag
98. get a pedicure
99. go to Disneyland
100. buy a pair of tieks. i got the taupe pair for my birthday and treated myself to the champagne pair for christmas.
101. find my “signature scent”. i fell hard for jo malone’s orange blossom cologne. i can’t get enough of it. i could go on and on… but i won’t.

about time

it’s mid february and i am ready to make some resolutions. i like to take my time with these things.

.take more pictures, especially polaroids. at least weekly.
.cook and bake more and blog it.
.england, france, and or australia.
.sew something
.make more time for spiritual things
.10 days of truth
.dream a little bigger

and next week i’ll have my first, just-for-fun giveaway for you. i’m excited!

polaroid by me

new week’s resolutions

1. Get back to healthier eating habits. Four months after getting back from France I can no longer use the “I’m on vacation” excuse. Rats.

2. De-clutter my closet and keep stuff worth keeping. Stuff that I’ll actually wear. Stuff that fits. Stuff that didn’t once belong to a certain boy. I love Erin’s 30/30/30 project.

3. Remember to say my prayers in the morning. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. Maybe because I’m allergic to 4 am?

4. Be patient with Harlow as she’s getting used to her pet carrier. We’re going to Utah baby!

5. Wear lipstick every day this week. It cheers me up. Is that weird?

6. Set aside some time to take some pictures. I haven’t in forever and ever.

7. Since my family is SO grumpy about holidays – I’ll put up my own decorations and I’ll put them up as early as I want. Like Wednesday! (yay!!)

Six resolutions seems good. Wait, that was seven. Whatever. Here’s to a wonderful week!

photo credit: Airfuly