Anthropologie playlist, vol. 3

The Beat Goes On – Buddy Rich

I Saw You Blink – Stornoway

Lover Leave Me Drowning – Blitzen Trapper

My Society – De-Phazz

Road to Rock ‘n’ Roll – Joe Strummer

Here with Me – Jennifer O’Connor

Why Does the Wind – Tracey Thorn

Heart to Tell – The Love Language

The Tailor – Blitzen Trapper

Love is a Rose – Neil Young

Walking Zero – Sneaker Pimps

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am sorry to say that I’m still employed at my current job and it looks like I will be until the end of the year. But I promise to be a big girl about it. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement. Happy downloading! xo

photo credit: Sleep, dream

3 thoughts on “Anthropologie playlist, vol. 3

  1. finally just got a chance to go through these. so great! and i'm totally in love with stornoway now. thanks so much for compiling these!!

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