little letters

Dear pumpkin chocolate chip cookies,
You are just too delicious.

Dear Grandma,
I love that you refer to Pretty Woman as “that hooker movie you like so much.”

Dear Netflix,
Thanks for putting The Office on instant view. I haven’t gotten anything done in several hours.

Dear crazy girl at work,
No. No you are not allowed to hit people with your bible.

Dear iPhone,
If you could stay charged for more than 20 minutes I will be your best friend.

Dear California,
It’s November. This 90 degree weather is interfering with my scarf wearing plans.

Dear Harlow,
Thanks for being my dog. And thanks for letting me dress you up like a piggy for Halloween.

Love, me

photo credit: Jaime Monfort


8 thoughts on “little letters

  1. Dear Vanessa,
    Can you let your grandma know that I'll be kidnapping her for a girls' day shortly? I think I might love her, and we've never even met! Then again, I'm a sucker for a good hooker movie. ;)

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