daily affirmation … and when that fails…

How adorable is Jessica?? Since right now my job is a soul-sucker I think I’m going to do Jessica’s dance/chat every morning. Poor Harlow will think I’ve completely lost it.

And if that doesn’t work…

Haha! This picture made me laugh out loud.

Have a beautiful weekend. I have some exciting stuff going on this weekend so I’ll see you guys Monday! xo

ps, I hope no one is offended by that second pic… it’s just been one of those days!

video found via le blahg
photo found via this tumblr, no credit


2 thoughts on “daily affirmation … and when that fails…

  1. Found your blog on the blog-roll over at Susannah's site. LOVE.IT. And I may just have to bookmark that youtube video of lovely Jessica for a future post;)

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