France via my iPhone

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone (using the Shake It Photo app.)

A trip to France requires new shoes- from Urban Outfitters and the leather pair is from Aldo.
I took this picture while waiting (frantically at the airport because I forgot my camera battery at work. My ONLY camera battery.) Someone was able to drop it off in the nick of time so the crisis was narrowly averted. Who forgets their camera battery when they’re going to a photography retreat? Me, that’s who.

On my way!

So… if you’re ever driving from Paris to Beynac-et-Cazenac make sure you don’t type just “Beynac” into Google Maps. Because the 5 hour drive will turn into a 10 hr drive (after a day of work and an 11 hr flight) and your contacts will make your eyes feel like they are bleeding. But you will get to drive by pretty little places like this. So you know, it’s not a complete loss.

And pretty streets like this.

When we finally got to Beynac-et-Cazenac it was amazing and beauitful. There were flower boxes everywhere!

Back in Paris, I stayed at Mama Shelter which was really, really cool. I even got to share a room with Chewbaca. He was chill.

The Paris Metro. Not the sweetest smelling place in July! But sort of pretty as far as subways go.

We ate so many delicious crepes in France but the very best was Creperie des Canettes. Nicole recommended them and they were oh so delicious!

Made it to the Eiffel Tower! Waiting for the sun to set to see it sparkle.

… and she did not disappoint!

No pictures from the trip home. There was nothing exciting about leaving France. EXCEPT seeing little Harlow!


11 thoughts on “France via my iPhone

  1. I LOVE this post! you make me happy Vanessa! If i had to drive 10 hours to the South of France, i am glad it was with you! :) you are awesome!

  2. The Chewbaca mask/light (?) is hysterical. I don't know if I would have been able to sleep with him staring at me though.

    And that last photo of the Eiffel Tower is an absolute DREAM! How gorgeous!

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