at the Sacre Coeur

Before I hiking up the bazillion stairs I watched this guy feed some hungry birdies. He didn’t just throw food for them, he’d call to them and they’d land on his hand to take the tiny pieces of bread. It was pretty awesome but my fingers weren’t fast enough to catch him in action.

Just a note on my last post about France – I forgot to mention how AWESOME Trisha was for the whole 10 hours we were driving around France. I probably would have had a tantrum or burst into tears or something if she hadn’t been with me. She’s a superstar!


3 thoughts on “at the Sacre Coeur

  1. you are right… i am a super star… just kidding! :) The drive was WAY fun, and it was in FRANCE!!! You are awesome! I had SO much fun hanging out with you!! :)

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