new week resolutions

If you follow me on Twitter then you already know that the last week was not my favorite. It was hard. I mean it was make-you-want-to-crawl-under-your-bed-and-stay-there hard. It was fake-your-own-death-and-leave-the-country-hard.

But this morning I’m facing the new week with a positive outlook. I will not hide under my bed. I will not fake my own death and leave the country. I will not complain about my job. I’ll be a big girl and remind myself that I have a LOT of good things going on and a lot of be grateful for.

Here’s to a good week!


2 thoughts on “new week resolutions

  1. hope you have a great week! i like to start each one with a little list of resolutions, myself–even if i don't always stick to them, it's nice to begin with a positive outlook. hoping this week is better than last for you! xo

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