the rohde foundation

Back in January I shared something special with you. The fact that it is now June makes me feel like a terrible slacker. But my feelings of laziness aside I am excited to share more with you about The Jesse Rohde Foundation.

First check out their fantastic new website. Isn’t it great? I’m so proud and in awe of Jesse’s determination to improve the lives of others, wherever in the world they may be.

From the Foundation’s website:

Dr. Rohde’s vision for The Rohde Foundation grew out of his belief that an effective way to stop preventable disease in rural communities was to empower and grow the local medical work force. In 2009, the Oworobong Clinic in rural Ghana opened with over 400 patients lining up to be seen. As rural facilities continue to be opened, each of these clinics will provide health care access to over 50,000 people who previously were left on the outskirts of health care catchment areas.

Please spread the word and help if you can.

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