save Jake… please!

The Apron Campaign

My friend Anna’s dog, Jake, has cancer and the treatment, as you can imagine, is not cheap. As a single girl with a loving little pup of my own I can completely understand how hard it would be to lose your best (dog) friend.

This must not happen.

So please, head on over here and read all about Jake and pick up a cute little apron. Anna is quite the seamstress so you’re really scoring an awesome apron in the print of your choice.

I mean, come on. Look at that sweet little pup face.


2 thoughts on “save Jake… please!

  1. i just lost my dog, lola, who looked EXACTLY like jake–right down to those brown freckles. i'll totally buy an apron and will pass this on to everyone i know.oh, man, this made me cry! it's so hard to have a sick pet.

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