today I remembered I have a blog

I swear as soon as all of my Paris plans are finalized I will get my life back. I’m trying to cram so much into 8 days I’m going to need a LONG nap when I get back. Until then some little letters.

Dear Summertime,
So nice to see you again.

Dear Airlines of the World,
You make my life complicated.

Dear France,
I can’t wait to see you again.

Dear my uncle’s jacuzzi,
SO glad you’re working again!

Dear Eggs Benedict,
I’ve been craving you.

Dear Readers,
If you have any suggestions of what to do/see/eat in Paris I would LOVE your help.

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2 thoughts on “today I remembered I have a blog

  1. Go to Montmartre and sit on the steps of the Sacre Coeur. It wasn't the architecture that amazed me so much as the guitarist, Youri, who frequents it. I saw him on my last day in Paris and it was beautiful (and entirely mitigated the ridiculous load of money I had to fork out getting home back to London because I had misread my train ticket)

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