polaroids on New Year’s

I took the first two Polaroids in a little French restaurant in Los Angeles on New Year’s day. I admit I sometimes feel awkward pulling out my Polaroid and having people stop and look. But when they brought out the bread with a roll of butter and a little dish of pink salt there was no saying no.

The second one is the floor of the restaurant. I don’t know, I just thought it was so pretty. As I was focusing the waiter came by and asked “Is that a Polaroid?” – why yes, it is. He thought it was pretty cool.

So do I.

Do you take pictures of silly things too? I want to see!


9 thoughts on “polaroids on New Year’s

  1. I love these pics and I love polaroid cameras…. no need to feel sheepish…. all others should feel sheepish for NOT having a polaroid camera.

  2. I love taking pictures and I need to get over that sometimes awkward feeling, too. Because it's not like I think it's weird when someone else whips out a camera, you know?! The floor is really pretty:)

  3. don't feel silly– just think, you'll never see them again and you'll get to go home with awesome photos! i take photos of everything and anything, i have my big honking camera strapped on me at all times!

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