starting over

um, hi.

i’m not even sure what to say. what do you say when you start a blog over? i don’t really know.

it has really been a long time and so much has happened and i’ve changed in so many ways. but i missed the little place on the web i’d created as my “home”. when a friend asked me what i enjoyed doing and what i could do “for me” a little voice in the back of my head whispered, “blogging.” i loved the creative (and sometimes not so creative) outlet and mostly the community of people i had met and interacted with that had become friends.

so here i am. starting over. i think it took me so long to come back because i was scared about explaining why i left. but that’s not for today.

today i’m just here to say hi.

and ps, i love july. have a wonderful (and safe!) 4th of july weekend!

now i just need to work on getting this place looking decent.

little letters


dear sunny day,
welcome back.

dear harlow honey child,
sorry you’re so itchy. you’re my favorite.

dear paul mitchell lavender mint shampoo,
you are my second favorite.

dear watermelon and peaches and blueberries,
you make breakfast so delicious.

dear twitter,
i don’t know what i did all day at work before you.

dear new apartment,
i know you’re out there somewhere.

dear paris,
see you in october… maybeeeee!

dear bloggers friends,
you’re the best.

polaroid week


i’ve really missed taking photos with something besides my iphone. since “roid week” started today last night i grabbed these two and headed out for a long walk. it felt so good. the next time i get stressed will someone please remind me to take a little time to do what makes me happy? kneeling on the grass by the river with harlow by my side i was happy just to be still and quiet for a minute and hold this one precious film in my hand and watch its magic.

you should check out all of the entries here. there’s lots of magic going on this week.

about time

it’s mid february and i am ready to make some resolutions. i like to take my time with these things.

.take more pictures, especially polaroids. at least weekly.
.cook and bake more and blog it.
.england, france, and or australia.
.sew something
.make more time for spiritual things
.10 days of truth
.dream a little bigger

and next week i’ll have my first, just-for-fun giveaway for you. i’m excited!

polaroid by me

how to feel miserable


i found a list awhile ago called “how to feel miserable as an artist”… but i think it can apply to to any aspect of life. so here is an edited version of that list that i’m going to tape to my wall/mirror/forehead until it sinks in.

1. constantly compare yourself to others
2. talk to your family about what you do/want to do and expect them to cheer you on.
3. base the success of your life on one single aspect of life
4. stick with what you know
5. undervalue yourself
6. let money dictate what you do
7. give in to society’s pressures
8. only do things that you know other people will love
9. always do what other people expect of you
10. set unachievable goals that must be accomplished immediately.

photo by me

evening stroll

My favorite time of the day is when I get home from work and take Harlow for a nice long walk. It feels good to get out in the sunshine for awhile.

I can never resist taking pictures of the adorable Enjoy Cupcakes trailer.

What is your favorite part of the day?

They wanted to see how my “magic camera” worked. It’s never too early to get hooked on analog film right? Oh this picture is so telling of the girls’ personalities.

i’m so negative

Still playing with my Holgaroid camera. I wanted to try some 125i Silk film so I took a quick self portrait. The actual picture turned out pretty good but the other side (of the peel apart film) looked even cooler. I mean that the picture/negative looked cool, not me. I’m not that vain I swear. And this way you don’t get to see the bags under my eyes and my hair frizzing out of control.

Other things I accomplished besides taking pictures of myself were:

Catching up on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

Drinking recording breaking amounts of hot cocoa.

What did you do today?