dreaming of spring

For some reason as soon as Christmas is over I feel like it should be Spring again. Maybe it’s because it’s 73 and beautiful outside right now.

As soon as it is actually Spring though I think I’m going to carry a pretty basket instead of a purse like Jane Birkin did. Apparently people used to recognize Serge & Jane by her basket and his ears.

What do you think? What are you looking forward to this Spring?

image found via Lauren’s twitter feed


7 thoughts on “dreaming of spring

  1. Absolutely agree! Once Chirstmas is over I am ready for Spring. At least you get the California sunshine– I'm in rainy Portland!!

  2. I've been known to carry a basket or two myself. I love this shot…and your blog!Oh, and it's rainy and cold where I am (Vancouver), but we have snowdrops popping up in our garden. Spring…can't wait.

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