maybe my sister and one of my best friends had a birthday over a week ago and i still haven’t given them their presents.

maybe i should not have had that last scoop of ice cream.

maybe the thing i procrastinate most is doing laundry.

maybe i lost my costco card today.

maybe sometimes i like not using capitalization.

maybe some days i don’t use the treadmill as much as i should. maybe sometimes not at all.

maybe i’m a little too obsessed with my dog sometimes.

maybe i really want to see chelsea vs inter milan at the rosebowl next month.

maybe when i feel sad i start looking up flights to utah, boston, london and berlin.

maybe i am really bad at ice skating and hopes no one ever asks me to go again.

maybe i really want to move to la, or london, or new york… i guess i’m a city girl after all.

maybe, in spite of having several cameras, i don’t use any of them as much as i should.

maybe if you saw my attempts to train harlow you’d laugh… a lot. she’s really good at commands like “be cute”. eh.

maybe i’m dying to have my own place.

maybe i am planning on buying a mini cooper.

maybe this is enough rambling for one post.

photo via thespian muse


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