you can call me crazy

I probably would.

So.. this morning at work all anyone is talking about Michael Jackson’s viewing at Neverland Ranch on Friday and how they could “cash in” on all the bajillion people coming into town. Sick, right? I jokingly mentioned I should rent a room for the weekend (well technically a couch since I’m not sure I can get the guest room ready) since I live maybe 5 miles from Neverland and get some extra cash.

A few hours later my coworker is on the phone with 2 girls from England asking if it’s safe to sleep in your car in Los Olivos because they want to come to the viewing and all the hotels are booked and he tells them I might have a spot for them. Seriously? When did people at work decide to start taking me seriously? So he gets their email address for me to let them know. Again, seriously? So okay, I email them to see exactly what their plan is and when exactly they are coming. And she emails me back all, “okay, see you at 7:30! I’m getting on the plane!” Woah, woah, woah…

I wonder if they know the viewing at Neverland Ranch was cancelled…

So I just emailed her saying it’ll be $200 a night and they have to leave the house at 6 am on Friday and Saturday since that’s when I leave and I can’t really deal with random people hanging out in my living room all day. I’m partially secretly hoping this will change their minds.

But it will be fine right? Why do the English seem so much more trustworthy to me? Somehow they just do.

So wish me luck and pray for me and if you want come over and visit and protect me.

::edit:: so about 5 minutes later I totally chickened out!! No crazy MJ fans here please.

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