monday favourites

(let’s pretend i posted this yesterday like i meant to…)

First this blog kills me. I love it. I’m always proof-reading at work and boy do we like our quotation marks. Oh, and commas. We are never short on commas. It drives me nuts. So a whole blog devoted to the overused of quotations marks… love.

I love these chairs. Can’t wait to buy one.

These umbrellas are so pretty. Nice and big. Perfect for London.

This wooden carpet is sooo cool.

My favorite skirts are from American Apparel. I know, right? But they are so comfy and casual and just the right length for me.

One of my new, favorite Etsy stores is Dear Golden Vintage. Great stuff… especially the shoes! I need to narrow it down before they are all gone.


One thought on “monday favourites

  1. That pink chair is SO pretty. OMG. And I am with you on the AmAp skirts. I have one I bought about four years ago that is so comfortable and I wear it all the time.

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