a girl’s gotta eat / thai quinoa bowl

if i had to choose one recipe to make for the rest of my life it would be this recipe from how sweet eats. it’s that good. 

i came across it on pinterest (where else?) and it had so many of my favorite ingredients: cilantro, lime, coconut milk, and ginger. and quinoa since i’m always looking for quinoa recipes that have a lot of flavor. also, i leave out the chicken because i’m trying (emphasis on trying) to eleminate aminal products from my diet. but also buying and cooking meat stresses me out. so instead i just double the veggies and add extra peanuts. it’s delicious. 
also i learned an amazing secret for light, fluffy, non-mushy quinoa: when you add water to your pot of quinoa add boiling water. it makes all the difference – no more quinoa mush. you’ll see.
now i’m hungry.

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