anthropologie playlist, vol. 4

Engery by the apples in stereo
get up by r.e.m.
been no good by nini kinert
thinking of you by tracy chapman
safe at home by starsailor
living so well by the crayon fields
in my arms by plumb
never go too far by oh darling
mexico by the holidays
secret by the pierces

to celebrate me only having to work two days this week here is another anthropologie playlist. enjoy!

Just FYI, I purchased all of things songs/albums on iTunes and am happy to share them with you. if you like them please consider doing the same. And please don’t picture me wandering around Anthro with my phone schazam-ing songs. k, thanks.


3 thoughts on “anthropologie playlist, vol. 4

  1. Perfect timing I was just shopping around for new music. PS, I don't judge people for shazamming in stores- I do it all the time!

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