summer social

urbanic hosted a summer social this week and it was a blast. sweet lucies served up petit dishes of the most delicious ice creams (the strawberry mint was my fave), smock was responsible for the awesome pinwheels being made, mrs. lilien whipped up some lemonade cocktails (non alcoholic ones too), and audrey was a wonderful hostess.

for someone who can be quite shy i almost chickened out… but then i decided that was so 2010. there were a few people there i knew like bri, and angela and paige and a few faces i recognized from twitter (that’s such a funny thing to say) so i plucked up my courage and introduced myself and met new friends and had a wonderful night.

if you want to make a pinwheel just let me know. i’m pretty much an expert now.


5 thoughts on “summer social

  1. I must say how much I love your blog. I don't remember how I happened upon it…that was about a year ago, but I love your love of traveling and pretty photos and lovely quotes. :)


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