road trip!

i’m excited to have some time off to head back to salt lake city and visit friends. just me, harlow, and 15+ hours of driving. i’m looking forward to it actually – the visiting and the driving. i hope harlow does okay. i’m excited to get to stop in vegas to see erin too. finally! it’s too bad that chelsea will be out of town… this is what i get for being spontaneous. oh well, i can’t wait. please keep your fingers crossed that all the snow still on the mountains stays on those mountains.

there’s really not that many days to count down but i think i’ll make a paper chain anyway.

beautiful polaroid by phanieisfunny


3 thoughts on “road trip!

  1. You'll be happy to know that the snow is indeed staying on the mountains here and the weather is beautiful! Hope you have a safe trip!

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