birthday playlist

i put together a little (belated) birthday playlist. these are some of my favorite summer-ish, mellow-ish songs. download away if you like.

1. pennies from heaven
2. sugar town
3. folding chair
4. underneath the mango tree
5. the mermaid parade
6. never know
7. the ancient commonsense of things
8. the river
9. songs in my pocket
10. norway
11. vintage books
12. shake sugaree

i hope you love these songs. i can’t get enough.

and you know, as always, i’m happy to share the music i purchase but if you like it you should go purchase the songs too and support the artists. it’s fun and gives you good karma and will make your hair shinier.

the gorgeous polaroid is by hilary aka curioush


2 thoughts on “birthday playlist

  1. You are so funny!

    How sad is it that I don't know ANY of those songs? I do however, know all the Disney movie songs. In fact, I can't ever get them out of my head. :(

    All those titles are fun!

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