granny goose

my great grandmother, my granny is 97 years old and she’s incredible. she lives alone, drives all over the country (not at night), is sweet, funny and just feisty enough to keep her young.

she had minor surgery earlier this week and did great but we had to take her to the hospital last night because she wasn’t feeling well. the doctors are keeping her till monday but she’s okay. they just want to keep an eye on her. even though she’s been “old” my whole life i’ve never thought of her as old. she’s just granny. i know i’m lucky to have her in my life and i feel so blessed that we have such a close relationship.

i asked her tonight if she needed me to bring her anything while she was in the hospital. her request? her lipstick.

aren’t grandparents wonderful?


3 thoughts on “granny goose

  1. she sounds amazing! and she looks so much younger then 97! when i took my grandma to the hospital a few years ago for heart surgery, she freaked out because they weren't letting her wear makeup! so funny.

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