one time…

One time I had two cats… Tequila and Cinderella.

One time I was a vegan for two weeks, but then I wanted ice cream (and steak).

One time I worked as a telemarketer.

One time I met George Clooney and called him G-money. He laughed. I turned the brightest red.

One time I didn’t know what FTW stood for.

One time I lived in Wales.

One time I got a puppy dog.

One time I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake.

One time I drove a sky blue Pinto with a huge Grateful Dead symbol on the hood.

One time I was a killer soccer player.

One time I got a perm even though my hair is naturally curly.

One time I wore heels to the airport (on an international flight) because I wanted to be a fancy traveler.

One time I learned that “fancy” travelers are, in fact, nuts.

One time I had a job making chocolate.

One time I went on a mission.

One time I found a four leaf clover.

photo by me


5 thoughts on “one time…

  1. i love lists like this!!

    i don't know how the celbrities manage to run to catch their flights and get heavy luggage, all while wearing cute but very inappropriate shoes.

    i'm all about cozyness when i travel, i always have big scarf that i can use as a blanket or a pillow…. and then maybe a cute neck accessory ;)

    i don't think i could EVER be vegan,maybe i'd have a shot at being a vegiterrian, but how could i give up cheese, sweet cheese.
    Not to mention milk(and cookies)

    I could never ever say good bye to coldstone…

    being vegan would never workout

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