split second decisions = a trip to France

I was minding my own business the other day when I came across Nicole and Candice’s French Photo Retreat. Ooh la la! I have loved Nicole’s photography for a long time. And so hearing that her and Candice were putting together a photography retreat in Paris no less, well… I decided right then I had to go.

It’s probably silly to make this kind of decision on a whim but if you think about it, some of my best decisions and adventures were made on a whim. I’m so excited! We’ll be in Beynac-et-Cazenac, which, no, I cannot pronounce. BUT I do know that it’s where Chocolat and Ever After were filmed.

Did I mention I’m excited??

This summer just got interesting!

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8 thoughts on “split second decisions = a trip to France

  1. you will definitely need to blog all about this so we can be there in spirit. so exciting, nicole is a wonderful photographer and i am sure you will learn TONS. bon voyage!xoxo

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