10 cc’s STAT!

You guys. I decided on Wednesday that enough was enough and I’d give up sugar. Completely. Of course this means no more Coke. The first day was brutal. Yesterday was … okay. Today I might be able to get through the day without losing my mind.

I had no idea I was such an addict.

Don’t they make a patch or something for caffeine addicts?


3 thoughts on “10 cc’s STAT!

  1. If I can stop smoking so can you stop the sugar!!Here is a trick that worked for me after the first 48 hours: I kept telling myself "I have gone 3 days without, it'd be dumb to start again now" and everyday I would change the 3 days to 4, 5, etc…I have been smoke free since November. My endurance was tested a couple of times but it's well worth it in the end :)Good luck to you! The trick is to talk about it with people who support you (like us) – it keeps you accountable.

  2. I pretty much removed sugar out of my diet as well, it is easier if you go slowly though, cut out a couple of things. Otherwise you'll go through way too many cravings. If you get a craving you can always tell yourself that it's bad for your body to cave in to things like coke. It does get better after a while, trust me…Just don't rush things, you'll have much more success of keeping a healthier diet if you adjust to it gradually…

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