Finally … Holgaroid success!

Back in September I got a beautiful Holgaroid from PolaPremium and I have finally been able to start using it. It took me this long to figure out what I was doing wrong. I won’t tell you what it was either because d’Oh! But no, it wasn’t leaving the lens cap on.

Yesterday was perfectly perfect so after spending the morning with a friend Harlow and I headed to the one dog friendly beach we knew of. She was in heaven. My only complaint is to the seagulls who ate my In & Out. (note: do not leave food unattended at any beach) I didn’t get three feet away from the table when I turned around and there were 50 + birds going at it. Twenty minutes later all there was left was the lid to my drink cup and a few ice cubes! Scary… I’ve seen the movie, The Birds.

On another note – I was showing this to a woman I work with and her response was “Oh yeah, I can do that in Photoshop.” This makes me sigh. I have nothing against Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Most of my digital pics are edited in Picnik. But I love film. I love the texture and the color of the actual film. I love the imperfections. And instead of editing an image on my computer I got to stand in the sunshine on a pretty beach smelling the sea air and peel apart my precious film like a present. And I got to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

I hope the sunshine went somewhere nice… it’s been raining buckets all day long today.

If you’re interested I took this using Polaroid 100 Chocolate film, developed for 70 seconds.


3 thoughts on “Finally … Holgaroid success!

  1. pfft what is wrong with these people that say "i can do that in photoshop" they have never experienced the magic of film photography.and holy molly I didnt know about this amazing lomo meets polaroid. Im in love and I must have. ooo so many film cameras and so little time….

  2. I love to use photoshop, but there is something about the magic of film…Especially the not knowing and being excited about picking them up from the developers and experimenting with diff kinds of film. I had no idea about the hybrid camera, sounds like fun…

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