An Olde Fashioned Christmas

Every year in Los Olivos we have An Olde Fashioned Christmas and it is all kinds of small town cute

I got there late so I didn’t get a ton of pics but I did get a before and after of our “tree”. And forgive me but I am a wee bit obsessed with luminaries. I love seeing them lit up all over town. Aren’t they pretty?

So besides luminaries and the lit up tree on the flag pole there are also delicious buttery, toasted walnuts, warm cups of hot cider, carmeled popcorn and there used to be a bonfire. But the best part I think is the Christmas carols! I must confess that I start singing Christmas carols sometime in September (usually just in the car, don’t worry) and don’t stop till at least the end of January. I love them. There are singers and music in the park and people passing out words to call the songs and everyone just sings along. Everyone sings. The people in the park and the people all the way down the street walking around. And the only lights are from the twinkle lights on the buildings and the luminaries and the “tree”. It’s dark and chilly but oh so cozy.


3 thoughts on “An Olde Fashioned Christmas

  1. Wow, that sounds fantabulous! I must admit though, I don't love Christmas music… I blame it on working at teenage clothing stores at the mall during Christmas time. Too many people crammed in a room that is already too loud with Christmas rap remix music. If I hear TLC's rendition of "very merry Christmas" one more time, I am going to go crazy! :)

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