i heart utah

Aren’t Megan and Chelsea the cutest? Megan was nice enough to drag my sorry bum to and from the airport. And I got to meet Fabruzzio (aka Bruce) her cutest little pup ever. Harlow is very excited to meet him!

And don’t worry, it’s totally normal for Chelsea to hold a butter-y steak knife to my throat. I think my sides still hurt from laughing so hard.
I have a few more pics but not many. I get to busy being silly to remember to bust out the camera.

ps – I cannot wait to show you the most amazing necklaces that Chels is making. You will die.


3 thoughts on “i heart utah

  1. yay!!!! You were in Utah and we are friends!!!! I'm so glad that you came out it was so freakin fun… Texas road house was GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS!!!!! The pics turned out cute… I wish we had one of the three of us together… ho hum..

  2. Oh vanessa! You are the bestest! Why do you and Harlow live so far away???
    I agree with Megan, we should have a picture of the three of us together. I wish I had asked Mas to take it at the restraunt… aka “Sam.”

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