note: i am not crazy

This is not really a secret but…

I want to move. I want to move far, far away. Specifically I want to Paris.

Seriously. Right now I am looking through pages and pages of Visa and travel requirements. They sure don’t make it easy. My sweet friend Sarah has been so helpful in answering questions. She’s a super star and has been living in Paris for about 5 years.

A few days ago I posted about a friend asking me if, once all the family obligations are over and done with, I could live anywhere in the world where would I want to be. I thought and thought… for days. I made lists, I racked my brain, I prayed… where is it that I want to be? Paris kept coming to mind and I kept passing it off as just a silly whim. It seemed so impractical and out of reach. And then I read on Facebook that my friend Shaylyn is joining the Peace Corp with her husband. She posted, “Life is too short not to up and do exactly what you’ve always dreamed.” I am not, in any way equating me scooting off to France for fun with what they are going to be doing by joining the Peace Corp… but there is no real reason for me not to do what I’ve dreamed of.

I know this probably seems insane. It does to me too. What would I do for a job? Where would I live? Would Harlow like France? I don’t speak more than a few words in French. You know little things.

But as I got thinking I realized I moved to England the first time after becoming obsessed with the Real World London. And I moved to Utah after visiting for a weekend and falling in love with the mountains. So maybe it’s not so crazy…

And just the thought of it makes me happier and more excited about the future than I’ve felt in awhile. I’ve already made a list of things I will take with me and working out a budget to save lots of money before I go. I’m giving myself a year to get ready and ready I will be!

So there you have it. My non-secret secret is out.



5 thoughts on “note: i am not crazy

  1. YAY!! You aren't crazy! This is awesome. I would love to go live in the UK for a few years. I have a house and pets and obligations that keep me from doing it at the moment but someday I will. While you are able, go for it. You will figure it all out and having a friend there… even better!! xoxoxo

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