cooling down

Right now I’m sitting on the stoop outside my bedroom door looking over at my neighbor Bill’s house and the air is so sweet. The weather lately has been brutally hot but right now it’s perfect. It’s not cold and it’s not hot… just cool enough to take the bite out of the hot day we’ve had. I can also smell the mint growing around my door. It’s really perfect. I may close my eyes for just a minute.


2 thoughts on “cooling down

  1. This reminds me of how I cleaned my whole freaking house in a hurry today, then sat in my car in a parking lot with 2 dogs and a 2-year old for 2 hours, waiting for my neighbor to text me that they had already been there with their realtor so that I could come back home. -But then the stupid freaking people who came to look at it didn't even come in because the yard was too small. Come on people, of course the yard is too small! That is why I want you to buy it, you idiots.Sheesh!

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