we’ll call this one the Tea Fire

I was driving home last night and there was this crazy light and smoke off the top of the hills near Montecito. My first thought was that it looked really cool and I should pull over to take a picture, but once I got around the trees I realized that we were in for another fire.

It started just before 6 pm last night and so far more than 100 homes have been destroyed and more than 2,500 acres have burned. The air is so bad here right now because of all the ash that people are already walking around wearing face masks.

Let’s hope this one gets put out quickly.

3 thoughts on “we’ll call this one the Tea Fire

  1. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to toss in a few of those old embarrasing pictures of me from Marketing Ally days! xoxo

  2. I have seen all that crazy stuff on TV, and have been thinking I hope that is not too close to Vanessa! I am glad you are ok. Roast a mallow for me!

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