you see THIS is why I like London…

They have this thing called “Poetry on the Underground.”  It’s pretty cool.  I think it was started in the late 80’s as a way of bringing poetry to people who might now be exposed to it other wise. I think this is pretty neat.  I’ve even jotted down one or two that I wanted to read later.  And the other bonus is that while you are sitting there jammed between Creepy Mc Stares-a-lot and Stinky Von Sits-too-Close you can read some lovely poems.  (I know not everyone who uses public transportation is stinky/creepy but let’s be honest… those are the ones you remember.)  

If you can click on the picture and read it is really is a beautiful poem. I’m just too lazy to type it out for you.

But the other (real) reason I loved riding the tube is because you get ads like this:

See? Public transportation can be both classy and funny. Don’t worry, I didn’t post a dirty picture, it’s a MAN! A man with moobs or moobies. Call them what you will … I died laughing when I saw it. Since you can’t really read what is says underneath I’ll share. The copy underneath says ”leave the cleavage to the ladies.”

Sometimes I think the British are just funnier than us.


4 thoughts on “you see THIS is why I like London…

  1. Uh-oh, does Megan know Stefano's chest is all over public transportation in London? It must have been taken with a long distance scope by paparazzi while Megan & Stefano were on their cruise last year. Oh well. Cheers and beers and manzeers! (It's a bra for men for those who don't watch seinfeld)

  2. Oh Chelsea didn’t just say that.. oh helll no:) Just kz she wishes her rack was that nice doesn’t mean she has to go attackin my man…. Love it btw hilarious! AND I’m offended that chels is your favorite.. .what am I chop liver?

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