tiny victories













happy 2016!

while i do like sitting down and making resolutions it can sometimes make me feel like i’m beating myself over the head with “you didn’t do this”, “you should have done this”, “you should have done this”, “you should have done more of…” you get the picture. so before i sit down and make new goals i thought i’d try to think of some things that i’ve been doing that i want to continue. it’s a short list but it’s a good place to start.

i am sleeping better

i’m still trying with my family

harlow is alive and healthy and happy

i am getting better at asking for what i need and saying no to what i don’t

i’ve been spending more time praying and meditating

i’ve been working hard and going to therapy and i think it’s starting to pay off a little.

i hope you’ve had lots of little victories too!




2 thoughts on “tiny victories

  1. Hi Vanessa!

    I love your little space here on the web! This is a great post. I, too, am guilty of often finding things that I “didn’t do” and/or “should have done”. This year I vowed to just DO THEM (lol), but, I probably should take some time to look back on the things I DID work towards and accomplish. Thank you :)

    Happy new year, by the way :)

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